OM Agent on HP SHR Server Issues

Yes, I've followed the specific OM Agent Co-Existance with SHR document. :-)

SHR 9.40 and OM Agent 11.14.

My local SHR data collector will not sync the datasource, under Administration => Collector Configuration.

I am seeing these messages over and over in the OM Agent's System.txt log:


0: WRN: Thu Jan 21 11:45:36 2016: ovbbccb (5308/5824): (bbc-90) The incoming HTTPS client connection from host ::1 failed due to the SSL error:

1: WRN: Thu Jan 21 11:45:36 2016: ovbbccb (5308/5824): (sec.core-113) SSL certificate verification error (The presented peer certificate is not trusted. The certificate verification chain could not be built.).

I checked all of the NICs, and not one of them has IPv6 enabled, so I have no idea where this "host ::1" stuff is coming from. All forms of ovcert look good.

Here's what I get when I attempt to sync the DS at the command line:


C:\WINDOWS\system32>remotepollerutility -syncds -type ALL -pollername local



E:\HP-SHR\PMDB/bin/scripts/ path="E:\HP-SHR\PMDB\config\polici
es" uuid=cccc3830-6760-6631-20AC-A5DE857AC8D6 policy_name=local_ds_all policy_ve
rsion=9.40.000 owner=SHR_POLICY category=datasource cp_name=Platform type_name=A
LL data_files=all_0_config_0_local.csv,local_db_link.csv data_paths={PMDB.HOME}/
data/,{DS.POL.LOC} type_uuid=9A1B79D3-B38F-63A5-6151-47921B94460E
Exception while installing datasource policy on local
com.hp.bto.bsmr.dao.exception.CommandExecutionException: ERROR:        * Startin
g policy installation on host 'FQDN of SHR Server'. ; INFO:    Installing policy file
;          'cccc3830-6760-6631-20AC-A5DE857AC8D6_header.xml'. ; ERROR:   (conf-5
72) General I/O exception while connecting to host  ;          'FQDN of SHR Server'. ;
         (sec.core-116) An SSL connection IO error has occurred. This may  ;
      be due to a network problem or an SSL handshake error. Possible  ;
  causes for SSL handshake errors are that no certificate is  ;          install
ed, an invalid certificate is installed, or the peer does  ;          not trust
the initiator's certificate. ; null ;  Exit Value:1

The OMW server it is reporting to, is trusted, bbcutil ping works bi-directionally, and messages from the SHR server are appearing in the OMW MMC Active Messages browser.


I will check the local hosts file to see if an IPv6 localhost-equivalent is in there, but other than removing the OM Agent, I don't know of any other option, so any insights would be appreciated.




~ Mike

  • Hello Mike,


    I think that you are facing a problem with the OM agent due to the following:

    The presented peer certificate is not trusted. The certificate verification chain could not be built

    The one in charge of the certificates are the agents. Have you tried to uninstall it? Have you check the certificates as well?