SBEC repetition rule does not filter by view?

I have created 4 SBEC repetition rule with this configuration:

filter to define the event matching (the same on 4 SBEC where filter by category, subcategory, title, lifecycle and object)

View: different view depending the data center

attribute to consider a repetition: object

At least 6 events in 3 days


I have generated alerts and it works with CIs from any of view (datacenter) and create the alert as I expected.


The problem I have found is with an alert of one object and another CI from different view (datacenter). I have generated an alert and the repetition rule with this datacenter throw a new alert but only there are one alert of this view and 6 from another view (datacenter). In other words.

I generate 6 alerts from the same view (datacenter) and the same object -> executed action from sbec of this datacenter as I expect

I generate 1 alert from another view (datacenter) and the same object -> executed action from sbec of this other datacenter and only there are 1 alert, not 6.


Looks like repetition rule does not consider the view to count the number of events to consider if has to make the associated action. Is it possible?


Someone with experience with SBEC repetition rule using views has found this...?


All this on OBM 2020.10 IP1