Group Migration

Have exsisting SiteScope 11.22 with a large number of Groups defined. Want to migrate some of these to the new 11.3x SiteScope system.  Is there anyway to accomplish this.  They are not integrated with BSM.




  • Hello,

    You should be able to do this the following way:

    1.) Stop SiteScope

    2.) Go to the start menu-->Program Files-->HP SiteScope-->Coonfiguration Tool

    3.) select the Export Configuration option

    4.) Give a location for the zip file to be created.

    5.) Copy the zip file to the 11.3x machine and run the Configuration tool again this time selecting the import option and point to your zip file that you exported from 11.22

    6.) start SiteScope (note: the first time you start up SiteScope on 11.3x you will not be able to access the UI as it will be upgrading the files from 11.22 to 11.3x.) After the upgrade procedure has finished the SiteScope process will automatically restart and the UI should be available upon this start up.

    Let me know if this answers your question?


  • Thanks for the reply.  I am thinking that using the config tool's export function will migrate everything and we only want to move selective Groups over.  Is there any procedure for just moving individual Groups?


  • Hello,

    There is not really a procedure to do this from SiteScope to SiteScope because you run the possibility of bringing over another group/monitor that has the same monitor/group ID's that is in the instance you are trying to copy it to causing duplicates and other issues. In addition to that you would have to export each individual monitor as the group would just be a container. The only really good way to do this in the way you are mentioning would be to have both SitesScopes registered to BSM and do a SAM copy and paste as it handles the situations mentioned above.



  • Go to the group, right-click and click on "Copy to template." Make sure you have a template for the group already created, copy it to that template, then export the template. Now you can import the template to another instance... be sure to check everything is copied over correctly. Alert targets will get completely reset doing this.

    So here's my question:

    What if you want to upgrade 11.2x to 11.3x on the same system?

  • Hello,

    If you want to upgrade from 11.2x to 11.3x on the same machine you would need to stop SiteScope export the configuration (using the configuration tool) to a zip file. The uninstall 11.2x and install a fresh copy of 11.3x and then import the configuration again. It will upgrade the 11.2x structure to 11.3x and then you should be up and running.