(BSM) support tip : Integrating the BSM Connector and the ArcSight Logger Connector

Here are the steps to integrate the BSM Connector with the ArcSight Logger Connector.

Required systems :

1. ArcSight Logger server (dedicated box)

2. BSM/OMi 9.2x server (dedicated box)

3. BSM Connector Server (dedicated box)

4. ArcSight Forward Connector software (can be installed any server)

Follow these steps to integrate the software :

1. Download the ArcSight Logger Forwarding Connector from BSM/OMi from the HP Software support site

"HP ArcSight Logger Forwarding Connector for BSM"

2. Install this package to the server which has connection to both BSM connector and ArcSight Logger server.

3. Go to ArcSight Logger server user interface, go to ArcSight server user interface, Configuration > Event  Output

4.  Configure the ArcSight Forward Event Connector server as the target server and port "514" as destination port.

Pay attention to the filter settings, it can generate many events or even an event storm.

Refer to the attached document (LoggerFwdConnOMi_UserGuide.pdf) page 10  "Creating an SNMP Interceptor Policy" for details about creating SNMP policy templates.

6. Go to  BSM connector user interface and upload the SNMP interceptor policy.

7. Go to BSM/OMi user interface to verify event are arriving in BSM, Omi event browser.

8 Check from the ArcSight Logger user interface to make sure events are collected by Logger and forwarded to BSM.