Exporting Central Repository Service from BSM 8.07 to BSM 9.2 using export_crs_dat a.bat

I am installing a new BSM environment (9.20) 
and I would like to transfer all central repository service from the old BSM (8.07) 

Is it possible to export the data using the tool 

HPBAC\Central Repository Service\tools\CRSDataExplorer\export_crs_data.bat 

to the new version ?

  • The export operation is always about FROM <something>, it's the import operation that is about TO <something>. So you can definitely do the export, but the tool simply doesn't know how to do import. Not to mention that the script repository was re-written from scratch in BSM 9.x (no more dependency on QC script repository engine).


    You can have a look at EUM API in BSM 9.20. It should have an operation to upload a script.