How to migrate this OML Profile to OpsBridge?


I'm moving from OML to OpsBridge. I have one profile like the one on the image. 

The users has access to messages groups A and B for node group 1 ; and access to message group C for node group 2.

I tried to create this in OpsBridge without success. Any Ideas? What is the best way to achive this?

I create two views, one for each node groups. Then I create two roles, one for view 1(equals to node group 1) and categories A and B. Then I create a second role for view 2 (equal node group 2) withe category C (equal to message group C).

I grantted  this two role to a user but I realized that the user can see message with category C in nodes from the view 1. 

It's seem they have the sum of the roles.

Thanks in advanced

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