Installing BSM on Linux Environment.

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In a plan to install BSM on linux Platform, all what i need is following Info.


1. Can we install GW and DPS on same server?

2. Can we install database on same server?


if yes what needs to be installed first?


and can someone please give me what all needs to be done on Linux server before we begin with installation of any of the above. (Prerequisites) 


I have seen few docs but didnt get the appropiate answer for above.


Note: This is for Small Environment



  • Folks,

    i got the answer for

    1. Can we install GW and DPS on same server ? and its yes.

  • Hi Rajesh_K,


    You found the correct answer, you can install both components in the same server (typical installation)

    In regards to the database installation, BSM requires connection to a separate database server,


    I have listed below the installation prerequisites for Linux

    Note the following before installing BSM servers on a Linux platform:

    •It is recommended that you install BSM servers to a drive with at least 20 GB of free disk space.

    •If BSM servers, including the database servers, are installed on multiple network segments, it is

    •highly recommended that the number of hops and the latency between the servers be minimal.

    •Network-induced latency may cause adverse affects to the BSM application and can result inperformance and stability issues. We recommend the network latency should be no more than 5 milliseconds, regardless of the number of hops.

    •BSM servers must be installed on dedicated machines and must not run other applications.

    •However, the coexistence of BSM servers with HP SiteScope or Operations Manager agent has been tested and is supported.

    •Before installing BSM on a linux machine, make sure that SELinux will not block it. You can do this by either disabling SELinux, or configuring it to enable java 32-bit to run.To disable SELinux, open the /etc/selinux/config file, set the value of SELINUX=disabled,and reboot the machine.To configure SELinux to enable java 32-bit to run, execute the command setsebool –P allow_execmod on.

    •BSM servers must not be installed on a drive that is mapped to a network resource.

    •Due to certain Web browser limitations, the names of server machines running the Gateway

    •Server must only consist of alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9), hyphens (-), and periods (.).For example, if the names of the machines running the Gateway Server contain underscores, it may not be possible to log in to the BSM site. To access the BSM site in this case, use the machine’s IP address instead of the machine name containing the underscore.

    •If you plan to run BSM servers on a hardened platform (including using HTTPS protocol), review the hardening procedures described in the BSM Hardening Guide.

    •You must be a root user to install BSM on the server machine.

    •The DISPLAY environment variable must be properly configured on the BSM server machine.

    •The machine from which you are installing must be running an X-Server.


    For more details on how to install the application in a Linux environment, please download the following official guide:



    Hope this information helps,




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  • Hello Rajesh,


    Actually, you can install database on same BSM Server. But it is recommend to install database on separate server to avoid performance issue due to Database/BSM could use too much resources on same Server.

    For Oracle requirement & installation, follow the "BSM System Requirements and Support Matrixes" Guide and "Deploying and Maintaining the Oracle Server Database" in "Database Guide".

  • Hi Rajesh,


    what you try to run is called "APM Starter Deployment" which is fully supported but comes with various restrictions,
    simply check out the "Getting Started" manual for BSM 9.24, Chapter 10: Deployment Configurations, APM Starter Deployment



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