Installing BSM on Linux Environment.

Hello Folks,


In a plan to install BSM on linux Platform, all what i need is following Info.


1. Can we install GW and DPS on same server?

2. Can we install database on same server?


if yes what needs to be installed first?


and can someone please give me what all needs to be done on Linux server before we begin with installation of any of the above. (Prerequisites) 


I have seen few docs but didnt get the appropiate answer for above.


Note: This is for Small Environment



  • Hi 

  • Hello Rajesh,


    Actually, you can install database on same BSM Server. But it is recommend to install database on separate server to avoid performance issue due to Database/BSM could use too much resources on same Server.

    For Oracle requirement & installation, follow the "BSM System Requirements and Support Matrixes" Guide and "Deploying and Maintaining the Oracle Server Database" in "Database Guide".

  • Hi Rajesh,


    what you try to run is called "APM Starter Deployment" which is fully supported but comes with various restrictions,
    simply check out the "Getting Started" manual for BSM 9.24, Chapter 10: Deployment Configurations, APM Starter Deployment



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