ESX Monitoring with OMU 9.x

Hello Folks,


Can someone please tell me how do we monitor ESX hosts with HP OMU. Is there any SPI for it, if yes can i have that SPI name and related documents,


I know we have "VEEAM" but HP is not supporting VEEAM anymore according to HP Support Engineer.


I know the procedure with Agentless Monitoring ( adding ESX Hosts as Messages allowed and deploying policies to management server and sending Traps from ESX hosts)--- but not sure we can achive whole monitoring.


On the other hand wanted to know what "Software_Infrastructure_" SPI used for? can we use this SPI for ESX hosts monitoring? i think for this we have agent file with the name "Software_HP_Operations_Agent_v11.13_-_Infra_SPI_Only" . Please correct me if i am wrong in any statement.







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