BSM 9.03 - How to change the script parameters on a BPM

Hello everyone,


I've been trying to change the script parameters for a BPM that I created on BSM-Admin-End User Management.

I cannot add or remove values for the existing script parameters since the field is greyed out.


The solution I've been implementing so far is to download the script everytime I want to make changes, edit the necessary parameters using VuGen and then re-upload it to BSM-EUM which takes quite some time. 


Please have a look at the screen shot for a better idea of what I'm talking about.




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  • Mr. Shevchenko,


    I appreciate your reply. Thanks for the clarification.

  • This is a slightly different question - If a parameter value is changed, when does the change occur, and/or, what do you have to do make have the new value used at replay time. For example, we all know that if you change a script, after check-in, you have to go into the profile and click on the red "there is a newer version of the script available" in order for the new script to be downloaded to the BPM, and that even then, the new script will only appear after the BPM communicates with BSM, which is a BPM instance parameter.


    So - for a parameter value change - does the new value just get used as soon as the BPM checks for changes? No need to refresh either from BSM or from BPM Administration page?

  • Using BSM 9.23 and just finding out that Global Search and Replace tool works to change script parameters but fails to push/communicate the change to the BPM collectors.  If I change it individually at the script level in BSM the change is pushed immediately.  Is anyone else having this problem?