RUM: Network time by End User Group

Hello experts,


BSM 9.13.


Our requirement is to report on a RUM monitored applications' "Action Network Time" metric, by End User Group or Location.


Using the "Metrics Over Time" report, we select our Application, our Metric (Action Network Time (sec)), and select a single End User Group (from the Active Filters link), and upon running the report are presented with the following error:


Not all of the requested data is available.
* The combination of the selected metrics and active filters is not supported. Change the active filters or select different metrics .: HP RUM Engine (


Why is it that this is not possible?  How is it then possible to obtain a single average Network Time metric by End User Group using the "RUM End User Group by Action" report (which you get to from the "Rum Action Summary" report)?  It seems like the data must be in the database to report over time if it's able to generate an average for any time period!


Any insight here is really appreciated.