Integrating BSM 9.12 with Sitescope 11.12 using OMi (No SAM license)

Hi, I have BSM 9.12 with OMi and Sitescope 11.2 . I don't have SAM license so I try integrate sitescope and BSM thorugh OMi Events. I installed the opc agent on the sitescope 11.2 machine and I succefully connected it to the BSM "opc server". I tried to generate some messgaes from the Sitescope integration menu, but nothing seems to appear in the OMi console. Any suggestions? What should I do next ?
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    SAM license is not required for events integration between sitescope and OMi. But if SAM license is not there then you can not view any report under Applications->SAM.


    But events integration if you have single server deployment you have to grant the certificate from the bsm server


    If yoy have the distributed environment ( dps and GW different servers) then in platform settings you have to mention DPs server as certificate server and grant the certificate from DPS.


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    I have BSM9.12 in distributed environment with no SAM license and I want to integrate the Sitescope11.12  with OMi-BSM9.12.

    Can anybody have the exact procedure to do integration of same with help of OM agent.

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