SiS Support Tip - How to test the WMI connectivity between SiteScope server and target server?

When there is a connectivity issue between SiteScope and a specific server, we need to narrow down the situation to define whether is a SiteScope or an environment issue.


Windows tool "wbemtest" help us to test the WMI connectivity between two servers on the same subnet.

Go to Start > Run > write wbemtest and hit Ok:



Click on the CONNECT button then in the NAMESPACE field at the top type the IP Address of the host you are testing "\\x.x.x.x\namespace" (if the name space is already there leave it, and put the IP in front of it like the picture below:

Then put in your Credentials for the host you are connecting to.



Click on the CONNECT button.

Once connected you will see all the IWbem Services buttons available



Click on the Query button and type the following:

select * from win32_useraccount

Your results should be something similar to below



If the Query returns this means the Remote WMI Option is enabled correctly.


Best Regards,
Alcides Solano
HP Support
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