HP RUM - Mobile based

In HP RUM can we access only to mobile administrator instrumentation access to end user where they can instrument apk .. we want to restrict other tabs


Also can we have diffeerent logins in HP RUM

  • Hi Parkar,


    Actually that can be an ER, but i am not sure if that is resonable.


    There were no other user roles in RUM Engine except RUM Admin role. That means that you can create many users with the same role. 


    The RUM Admin user actually performs all tasks in RUM Web Console - configuration, health monitoring, synchronization and so on.  Thus, RUM Engine hasn't it's own report system (captured data is shown in BSM EUM Reports, configurations in BSM EUM Admin) it is logically that there are no other user role. There is no bussiness need for that.


    If you will deside to open an ER on that you should probably provide a justification for that requrement and describe bussiness impact.


    Best regards, Alexey.

  • HI


    Reason for this is multiple apps installed & there are frequent changes happening in the application . We want this should be done by respective app owners instead RUM administrator.




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  • i mean rum instrumentation process


    Any other alternative we can think of ?

  • Hi Parkar,


    Let's consider from the fact that RUM solution for now have no versioning control system for instrumenting applications (*.apk files). That functionality was not required by customers before (and i am not sure that it will be widely needed in future).


    I will try to explain my point of view: For applications we have several crossing processes: development, verification, instrumentation (at RUM), publishing to end users, support and so on. IMHO, good practice is to have those processes  under common VCS in order to avoid misunderstandings. (and oslo VCS should be integrated with development framework). That is why separate VCS on RUM will not be popular.


    Anyway, if you want to have separate VCS for instrumentation at RUM Engine side only - there are many free VCS that can be used for your customer in order to solve that problem reliably.


    Best regards, Alexey.