APK instrumentation Error

Hi Team


While instrumenting APK for RUM Mobile base application we are getting below error . Any workaround




:\RUM\ApkInfuser>ApkInfuser.bat -u -signd
ebug -ak appkey1249 -o D:\RUM\INSTRU\RPOS_DIB_PROD_signed_nondebug.apk D:\RUM\OR
Instrumenting apk file...
Step 1 out of 4: Extracting APK file: D:\RUM\ORIGINAL\RPOS_DIB_PROD.apk
Extracting APK file...
Step 1 completed successfully
Adding rum-service and required permissions to AndroidManifest.xml...
SEVERE: Command execution failure! There was a problem in decoding dex file.
This application is obfuscated to avoid post-build instrumentation.



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