Sitescope Failover SNMPTrap.log

Good day Experts,

I have an issue when SIS fails over from Primary to Secondary the SNMPTrap.log is read from the beginning. This results in old traps being sent as new alerts every time there is a failover from Primary to Failover.

Is there any way to aviod this?


Kind Regards,



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  • Hi Roelf,

    one addition, after better reading the CR:

    Currently, if ‘merge back *.dyn files’ is enabled then, upon failback, the snmptrap.log on the primary is read from the offset that it was read up to on the failover server.  Unless ‘merge back configuration’ is also enabled, this offset will not correspond to where the file was read up to before failover, and it is likely that duplicate alerts will result.  (If the offset is somewhere in the middle of the file there may be duplicate alerts between that point and the end of the file, and if the offset is beyond the end of the file the file will be reread from the beginning resulting in lots of duplicate alerts).

    I was not aware of this option
    "Merge back configuration" option in High Availability Preferences > Edit failover profile > Advanced Settings > Merge back
    which helps to overcome this oooooold limitation
    - Do not make monitor configuration changes on the failover server unless Merge back configuration is
    enabled on the primary SiteScope (Preferences > Failover Preferences > Advanced Settings).
    Otherwise, changes on the failover server are not copied back to the primary machine and will be
    overwritten by the next mirroring operation.

    My understanding is that the issue you are experiencing doesn't occur if you enable the "Merge back configuration" option.


  • Thanks Siggi,

    I will attempt this during the next maintenance window.

    Kind Regards,