URL monitors and Certificate expiry


We use Sitescope 11.24.

Is there a way a to confugure a URL monitor to return results even though the https certificate has expired?

It will be nice to get the results and decide to error or warn or ignore a certificate expiry.

our use case is that we have multiple servers behind a load balancer.  The load balancer ignores certificate expiry and continues to encrypt traffic on the expired certificate. 

We use the URL monitor on each of the backend applications to ensure all of them are up.

We use an internal CA that issues only certificates for 12 months and it is cumbersome for us to renew certificates every 12 months and so we contine to run the internall apps on expired certificates.

We do not have security concerns with expired certificates as No application user / end system apart from Sitescope and the load balancer has direct access to the internal app (HTTPS) port.

So, how can this be achieved using the standard URL monitor? Any plans to include this as an enhacement?



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