ovo instrumentation directories


Simple question due to my lack of experience,

After searching the administration guide I'm not able to know the difference between:


Help please...
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    these paths are used in ovo v7.x agents.
    -in "actions" are placed scripts& programs started when an automatic or scheduled or operator initiated action is started.
    -"cmds"contains scripts& programs started with "broadcast command" in the "application desktop" in OVO GUI console.
    -"monitors" contains scripts& programs used for monitoring objects using Monitor template.

    OVO agent v8.x has single repository in $OV_CUST/../instrumentation/
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  • What is the difference between the customer and vendor directory tree for script distribution in the Management Server. That is


    Functionally there is really no difference between the two directory trees. Vendor directory is used by HP for the base agent code and HP may delete code during upgrades. Customer directory can be used by anyone, it is used by the DBSPI, OSPSI, etc. as well as customer provided scripts.

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  • Just to add to S's reply:

    All the scripts and the programs used in logfile encapsulator template also goes under 'monitors'

    All the scripts and the programs used in schedule task template goes under 'cmds'