which citrix version must be same to monitor citrix app thru BAC



I needed to know, does the citrix agent and the CPN( citrix program neighbourhood) installed in the monitoring locations must be same irrespective of the CPN version used while recording the script (In LR machine)  OR  the CPN version installed in the LR machine  and the citrix agent must be same irrespective of the CPN installed in the monitoring locations.


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  • Hi,


    This is message that shows up in logs of BAC (BPM).

    Can some one pls tell me what the versions 7.00.16504, 8.100.29670 and are??? 

    thanks in advacne.


    07/11/2011 07:19:31 Citrix client replay version 7.00.16504 , record version 8.100.29670 [MsgId: MWAR0] 07/11/2011 07:19:39 Action.c(39): WARNING: The Citrix Agent is not the same version as the Citrix Recording Client, which is "". You are advised to install the same version of the software on both client and server machines

    [MsgId: MWAR0]