Updates Script Parameters


We are using script parameters to manage a number of ids and all works well in Admin -> End User Management area. Using the script parameters frequently and want to download the script with lastest script parameter values. But when i go to download the script from the Script Repository, we only have the first value of the script parameter which was used while uploading the script.

How do we download a script with latest updated script parameters to edit it?

BSM 9.25 IP1 / BPM 9.22 / VUGEN 11.51





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  • Hi pxp,

    no, unfortunately not.

    No matter what you do: you can never export a script from BSM in a way that it contains the current parameters, no matter what the configuration of your BAs or BTFs is.

    As mentioned,
    > Parameters work per assignment/application so they are not updated at Script/repository level.

    and you already stated
    > but Script Parameters are created in the VuGen Scripts, you cannot create them in the application level or in BSM Admin area. 
    > When we develop scripts we can create these script parameters in VuGen and can assign values to them.
    > In the BSMAdmin area we can have ability to update them.

    BSM simply takes the script as it has been stored in the CRS originally, which also means with the original parameters as stored in the VuGen code.
    You might wanna open an ER to request that during script export BSM replaces the original parameters of the script with the current ones, as updated within BSM.