OMW - acknowledging aging events in the active message browser

We use a VBScript that is scheduled to run daily, it is supposed to asynchronously acknowledge messages older than 7 days.  If I understood the reason why the VBScript does this asynchronously -- running it in synchronous node seems to cause the active message browser to freeze while the script is actively querying the database.


Is there a better solution?  Maybe something in PowerShell or Perl?

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  • @Trish --


    My apologies if I wasn't clear.  These messages haven't been acknowledged yet.  The export of messages topic in online help seems to be about exporting Acknowledged messages. 


    I have hundreds and hundreds of old, unacknowledged messages in the Active message browser to deal with.  Partly because of the integration with OMU and upstream connection to another vendor's event management solution -- we don't get the 'incident closed' coming back to the OMW server to auto-acknowledge the event, so events can linger for some time in the Active Message browser.