Need to change SID for Oracle DB in HP BSM 9.23

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We are having some DB connectibvity problem in HP BSM 9.23. I am getting the below error from the logs:


ERROR - Failed to connect to DB: dbType=(ORACLE Server);; dbName=HPBSM_RTSM_HISTORY; userName=HPBSM_RTSM_HISTORY;; sid=pwd2omc2; port=1521
com.mercury.infra.utils.exceptions.MNoSuchElementException: Failed to borrow object from pool: dbType=(ORACLE Server);; dbName=HPBSM_RTSM_HISTORY;


I have checked with DB team and they confirmed that there is some issue with SID "pwd2omc2". Now they are askig us to change SID "pwd2omc" in HP BSM. I need your advice whether its enough to change the SID only in "Connect to DB configuration wizard"? or should I need to change it in some other area?


Please assist me.



Selvaganesh E



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  • Hello Selvaganesh E,


    For the profile DBs you need to go to the SESSIONS table of the BSM managment database and change the SID of the profile DBs you want to the new one. SESSION_DB_SID should be changed to reflect the SID of the new Oracle instance. Fr the other BSM DBs the config wizard is enough.


    Then just restart BSM and the change will take affect meaning BSM will sue the new SID.


    Best Regards,