Problem updating Monitoring Automation in BSM 9.24



I am running into an issue with Monitoring Automation in our BSM server. BSM 9.20 was installed on two Gateway and 1 one DPS configuration initially.  They have been upgraded to BSM 9.24 Rollup Hotfix #2 level has been running for some time. Now we decided to install the BSM Monitoriong Automation solution on this BSM setup. We followed the steps in the MA installation documentation and did the following steps (it is based on the Flowchart in that doc)


1. Installed Monitoring Automation 9.20 version.

2. Ran the RedeployMaSP.bat file in the BSM server

3. Verified the installation/HPBsm924/log/HPBsm924-<time>.log file to make sure there were no errors

4.Configured MA by running the BSM Configuration Wizard in all machines as per the Installation Guide.


Every thing went fine and MA was successfully installed and we can see the Views for "Management Templates and Aspects", "Policy Templates". We could even add a node as a monitored node to BSM and the BSM server - Agent communcation is working fine.


Now when we try to install the System Infrastructure MP (1.10 version) it complains that MA versios is not at 9.24 level and hence it cannot install the MP. Checking the command



cscript %TOPAZ_HOME%\opr\support\what.vbs opr-config-content-server.war


comes back as version 9.22.131 which explains the error with MP installation?


I am not able to quite workout why the MA is showing up as 9.22.131 even though I had followed the Flowchart of MA installation guide. Has anyone run into this issue and if so have any suggestions for me?


Thanks for your help and time.