SiteScope Support Tip : SiteScope 11.30 has been released and is available for download

As there are many SiteScope issues posted here, I'd like to share that


 SiteScope 11.30 has been released and is available for dowloading and installing it / upgrading to it.



There will be the SiteScope License Exchange program.

This is because versions 11.1x and 11.2x support the old Points based model and 11.30 supports the new simplified model based on OSI, URLs and Transactions.

The manual states
Installation and Upgrade
License Keys
License keys from earlier versions of SiteScope are not compatible with this version. If you want to
upgrade from an earlier version of SiteScope to SiteScope 11.30 and use your current license, you
must install the latest cumulative patch (available on the HP Software Support site) on top of
SiteScope 11.30. Follow the installation instructions in the release notes provided with the patch. After
installing SiteScope 11.30 and the latest patch, import the monitor configuration data from your earlier
version of SiteScope using the Configuration Tool.