(BSM) Support Tip : BSM 9.26 - Unable to add profile database - GUI hangs

Environment : BSM 9.26 (without and with IP1)
Unable to add a profile database
BSM -> Administration -> Platform -> Manage Profile Databases
chose DB type -> Add
fill in in all fields (Server name, Database name and so on)
click Apply
the progress bar shows up and starts moving, but nothing else happens,

no error message is displayed, the GUI actually stays this way forever (or until the window is closed),
nothing helpful can be found in any log file.

This simply means that the browser hangs and the request to create or add the profile database never goes to BSM, and due to this one cannot find anything in the logs.

Usually this is a plain Browser issue.

The behaviour has been seen when using Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 (when not using compatibility view mode), it works as expected when using Firefox,
so one might wanna try
  Mozilla FireFox
  Internet Explorer 11 
  Internet Explorer 10 with using "Compatibility view mode".

BTW, the BSM System Requirements and Support Matrixes manual for BSM 9.26 IP1 tells
- Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 11.0 (without compatibility view mode)
- Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 10.0
- Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 9.0
- Mozilla Firefox 38.x ESR