TBEC is free now, or included with OBM?

TBEC is free now, or included with OBM?

  • Yes, TBEC is now part of Operations Bridge Premium license as long as you have that applied to OBM.

  • Hi,

    What needs to be done to make the TBEC config available/visible in the OBM console? In one of my customer's OBM 2020.05 environments, TBEC is not visible on the Administration menu. When I go to "License Management" I can see that they have indeed activated an "OpsBridge Premium" license, though.

    When I compare this installation to another OBM 2020.05 installation where TBEC is actually available in the menus, I see one difference under License Management; In that latter system I even see an entry for "Topology-Based Event Correlation". 

    Does this license key have to be generated and installed specifially, even though TBEC is included in Premium Ed?

    Frank Mortensen 
    Managon AB

  • yes and  no.

    Its not inlcuded in the licensmodel with premium nodes but in ultimate with the "old" model. this is the one you usually use at the meoment.

    If you run on "permium nodes" You need to change to Unit license model, in this license model TBEC is included for free.  Also this needs a OBM version >2020.05 as you need to download new license files which includes this option.

    Be aware that the Unit license Model allows more felxibility in use of the licenses but you need to track your licenses manually. also activation is not flawless. just activate the number you need for each component like nodes, agents , mp ... summ up the number, it should not allow the maximum number of units you have under support. The license portal cant do this for you. If there is a license audit by MF you easily get into trouble ... dont ask me about my experiance of my custoemrs with that, its a long and sad story.