HPOM Download Acknowledged messages


Our HPOM is integrated with OMi 9.25 for message forwarding.

We have a high load of messages which are important to calculate heartbeat but are irrelevant after a couple of hours, and these messages should be removed from history regularly.


When downloading messages, message forwarding is stopped during the download, as well as ECSMGR.exe.

We are extensively using ECS for changing message attributes etc, including a perl file which is unloaded after restart of ECSMGR.

Is there really no other option to remove ack'd messages from the database?





  • Hi,

    What is the command you are using to download and remove acknowledged messages from HP OMW console? It should be:

    ovowmsgutil -dnl  <DIrectoryToSaveMessages>

    and then to delete:

    ovowmsgutil -del -exp (Expression option to qualify messages you want to change or download.)

    Example below:

    ovowmsgutil -del -exp "State = 4"

    For additional reference, please check the ovowmsgutil.txt file located in %OvInstallDir%Support

    Make sure you have the latest OMW console/accesories patch(es).

    Let us know if this is the scenario , if you are using a different method or if this problem is when archiving messages in OMi.


  • Hi, 

    Yep, this is what I am using, but during that time, message are not forwarded to OMi, but most important my ECS perl file is unloaded, and messages going through are not treated the right way.


    I was hoping for some other solution, non service impacting



  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, via the command line, some OM services, one of them been OvEpMsgActSrv. need to shut down while the mass acknowledgment takes place.


  • Hello

    I would like to know if the information provided was useful?
    Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need something else