JVM parameter settings

Hi Experts,

We have recently migrated from BSM 9.24 ver to 9.26. Now we have the default JVM settings for the MecuryAS (JBoss) process. I need to increase the “Xms and Xmx” values to 50% of what they have now in HPBSM\bin\ mercuryAS_vm_params.ini. How should i calculate that.

Here is the default 9.26 value i have for mercuryAs.

DPS1  : -Xms1625m -Xmx1625m -XX:PermSize=280m -XX:MaxPermSize=280m

DPS2 : -Xms1625m -Xmx1625m -XX:PermSize=280m -XX:MaxPermSize=280m

GW1 : -Xms1685m -Xmx1685m -XX:PermSize=530m -XX:MaxPermSize=530m

GW2 : -Xms1685m -Xmx1685m -XX:PermSize=530m -XX:MaxPermSize=530m

My understanding is that, we should look at the MercuryAs JVM adjusted value in 9.24 ver and then take the difference and add into the existing default value. Please correct me if i am wrong.





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