Issue with BSM 9.24 Monitoring Panel

Hello Expert, i've got a strange issue on BSM 9.24 : In the monitoring tab (admin/EUM) as I click on an application to get it's BPM configuration (Business Process Monitor Tab), the system throw me this error : "Failed to load Business Process Monitor Application defaults. Failed to get BPM configuration for Business Application CI, System error occured: {0}". so I can't stop the monitoring, or change BPM Locations.

The metrics are still collected, and everything seems ok in Application EUM and RTSM.

Could you help me please?  

  • Hi Denis,

    It might be worth checking the End User Model:

    Logon to the JMX console on the Data Processing sever and locate and enter 'service=EUM Administration Service' under the Topaz section

    Find 'validateEumModel'

    Leave the customer ID blank (the default is 1)

    Enter the Eum Model (this can be 'ALL' if you are checking everything or one of the listed values, e.g. BPM)

    Full Model Scan: Enter 'yes' for a full validation (all items), or leave blank to check to application layer only

    Fix Model If Needed: leave blank when just checking the model

    Click on 'Invoke'

    The output will return whether each model is valid or not and return discrepancies that include CI IDs (which can be used to trace issues if required)

    If you do find errors, I recommend checking with HP Support before attempting to fix the model.



  • Hi Tim, thank you for your answer.

    As a result of running jmx console as you said, the system returns this error :

    bpm_webtrace is linked to agent and btf or application that does not have monitoring params bean. scriptId=1032 BtfId=nullappId=ce821c4117cb6c070b3d1fa371fabdb6 agentId=51

    Are there any means to stop/remove the application/BTF as I'm unable to reach the GUI configuration please ?

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Denis,

    There are 3 options that I can think of, and I recommend the first if you are not comfortable with these, or you just want to be safe if it's a production environment.

    1) Raise a support case

    2) Rerun validateEumModel additionally answering 'yes' to 'Fix Model If Needed'.  Make sure you have a good backup of your systems just in case.

    3) Go into Admin / RTSM Administration / Modeling / IT Universe Manager and try to locate the offending BTF.  You may be able to fix it from there if there are relationship issues.  You can delete the problem BTF if it's not needed, but you may leave orphan Business Transactions which would need to be manually deleted as well - as they would no longer be visible in the End User Monitors view

    If you are having trouble identifying the BTF from it's unique ID, then try this:

    Go to the DPS and access the JMX console of CMDB - http://<DPS_URL>:21212/jmx-console

    Look for UCMDB:service=Model Services

    Find the retriveObjectProperties function

    Paste in the object ID and click on invoke to display the CI details (the customer ID is normally 1)




  • Hi Tim, this issue was due to a bad location. We had to remove it to retrieve monitoring panel for this application.

    thank you for your help.


  • Hi Tim, this issue was due to a bad location. We had to remove it to retrieve monitoring panel for this application.

    thank you for your help.