BSM 9.26 - Recommended Java version

Hi Experts,

Does Gateway and Data Processing servers use Java in BSM 9.26 ?

If yes could please recommend the latest version? ( We use windows box)

Our Environment 2 DPS 2 GW servers

Java 8 update 66 ( As per Control Panel)

Can you please explain the below snapshot  and how different is this from Java 8u66 in control panel?



  • Hello Rinkesh,

    Yes BSM 9.26 uses Java, the Java version that you are seeing in your snapshot is the one embedded into BSM.

    That Java version is different from the one in Control Panel in your machine, this is the Java/JRE version installed in the machine.

    BSM needs a Java plug-in (JRE) to be able to view certain components, the JRE version that you need to install in the client machine for BSM 9.26 is JRE (Java Runtime Environment) version 7 update 80 or version 8 update 66 (recommended).


    Johanna Araya

    HP Expert engineer

  • Hi Araya,

    Thanks for your response!

    Could we uninstall Java version on BSM gateway and Data processing servers as we have noticed few vulnerabilities (Qualys scan tool) with respect to Java version.  Could you please advise.




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