BSM and ArcSight Logger Connector

I am struggling ot understand the concept, and therefore determine how to get events from ArcSight Logger into OMi. Having read the documentation, it appears that you have to:


1. Setup event integration from BSM to ArcSight. How would you define this?

2. Set up a trrusted relationship between BSM and the ArcSight Logger host. How is this done? The ArcSight Logger is a CentOS box, and has no HPOA installed.....


3. Install the BSM ArcSight Connector. Really? How is that done? Is the ArcSight one a Remote or Local Connector install?


I don't seem to have any document that deals speoicifically with integration of the ArcSight Logger app into BSM. Is there one?


Really struggling here, so appreciate any and all feedback.







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