Replacing automatic assignments

I am in the process of redoing many of my automatic assignment rules. In some cases these will result in no net change for the policies on a given agent, and in other cases, some of the policies will be replaced with new ones.

When you remove and automatic assignment rule, do the policies get removed at the agent, or do you have to run ovpolicy -remove on each agent? If it happens automatically, is it on a schedule or does it happen when you remove the auto assignment rule?

  • Hello,

    The automatic assignment rules are based on topology inside a view. When a topology is removed from that view the direct assignments done to that topology should be removed as well in both Omi and the node itself (by default if Infra is not touched). This should happen as soon as the topology is not part of that view AFAIK. There is a topology scanning interval in Infra but AFAIK it is for looking for newly added topology in the views part of the rules.  



  • And that's where I'm unclear. In this case, the views themselves are not changing but the assignments to those views are. 

  • As soon as the assignment changes it should change on the node. The only interval of latency should be the scan for the new topology being added to the views of the rules.

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    HEllo Ryan,

    Its a confusing topic. so may be this helps:

    1) an automatic assignment rule just do the assignemts for you based on CIs in a view for which the rule is assigned. Deletng this rule will not cause any policy to get removed from CIs

    2) Nodes that get into a view an autoassinment rule exist will get sooner or later  the polices/Aspect assigned. Nodes that get removed from the view will still hold the policies as the assignment still exist. keep that in mind.

    3) deleting an assigment will cause omi to remove the polices, doesnt matter if it created by a user or an autoassignment rule. but removing policies fails in around 5% of all Cis. so there still may be leftovers on a Ci. This is just my personal experiance.

    4) so replacing assignmets you should first create the new one before removing the old one to avoid that polices get removed of a CI.

    5) unfortunately Omi doesnt have a report or tool to check CIs for "desired state" of Policies, so you never know if all is correctly deployed. i build a tool for my custoemr to check this doing a diff of opctemplate and opr-node  -no_agent_check -node_config_report for each node. Unfortunately i am not allowed yet to share this here. But we are in contact with R&D, so may be it will be part of a future release of OMi.

    So good luck!