Monitor Ressource Groups (HPE ServiceGuard) with OBM / Agents

We currently migrate from OML 9.2 (Operations Manager for Linux 9.2) to MF Operations Bridge Manager.
We are facing the following challenge:

We have several HPE ServiceGuard Clusters (2 physical RedHat-Nodes/ 4 physical RedHat-Nodes) and use HPE ServiceGuard as Cluster Software.
On each cluster we have several Ressource Groups.
This is currently managed by HP OM for Linux 9.2. We have Monitoring Policies for each RG
In OML there is a mechanism that finds out which RG is active on which Server and the relevant Policies for each RG are enabled/disabled on the physical node respectivly.
That means we have on each physical node all policies for all RG's deployed, but the specific policy is only enabled on a node when the RessourceGroup is active on the specific host.
How can this achieved in OBM?