SOLIDserver DDNI(DHCP DNS NTP and IPAM) Appliance Monitoring

Hi Team ,


We had 35 SOLIDserver DDNI Devices which needs to be monitored using sitescope.

These are Dell Hardware appliance which are having FreeBSD ( base OS) .

Client want to monitor the NTP ,DHCP,DNS Services and ther status to be monitored .

Appreciate if you can suggest the way to this soluton . We have Sitescope and NNM  which can be leverage .

Thanks in advance,





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  • If these are appliances the ability to make an SSH connection might be limited.  For appliances, with limited SSH connectivity, I go w/ SNMP.  If the appliance supports this, you can use either NNM or SiteScope to do an SNMP GET to the device or configure the device to send TRAPs to NNM or SiteScope.