installation error

I got this error from an ito installation on a Solaris system.

I have checked the opcinfo and the nodeinfo. The control, message and action agent are also running.

Has anyone had this problem before?


01/16/03 12:44:51 ERROR opcdista (Distrib. Agent)(3404) [gendista.c:2512]: Distrib. Manager service not registered at Local Locatio
n Broker or DCE RPC Daemon on system OpC. (OpC20-160)
Due to the ITO manager processes on server OpC are probably not
running, it cannot be checked whether new configuration data is available
for this managed node. Therefore, the current configuration is used. (OpC30-834)
01/16/03 12:44:51 ERROR opcctla (Control Agent)(3403) [genctla.c:8046]: The ITO Distribution Agent reported an unexpected error. (
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