Calculated Metric not working

Hi all,


I am using SiteScope 11.24 on Windows 2008 R2 with latest patch sis_00342.

(HP SiteScope 11.24.321 64-bit JVM, Build 183)


Now I realized that one calculated metric in one monitor is not working.

It is a file monitor and this is the metric I previously saved with the monitor.

<<file age>>>125||<<status>>!=200&&#previous(<<file age>>)>125||#previous(<<status>>)!=200


If I now edit the metric I can't save it without any changes.

Error: The expression could not be calculated


But why could I save this metric before?

I'm not sure when I saved the metric but it was before sis_00342


also this don't works: <<status>>!=200&&#previous(<<status>>)!=200


What is wrong with this metric?



many thanks