SiS 11.33 health log event checker monitor

Hi all,

I'm using SiteScope 11.33 on Windows 2012 integrated to OMW with OM Agent 12.02. (Test for Production).

I get a failure in SiteScope Health Log Event Checker Monitor with "failed to report data to HP OM Agent".

In oa_metric_integration.log I found:

2017-04-06 16:52:25,351 [GenericDataConsumerThread - HP Operation Agent Metric Integration] ( ERROR - Failed to report data to HP OM Agent /Hewlett-Packard/OpenView/Coda/ Failed to connect to CODA. Please check if CODA process is up and running. ;IO error in receiveMessageHeader

But when I check OA on SiteScope Server with opcagt -status everything is up and running.

Also I receive events in OMW.

Any idea where I can find more infomation to get the monitor resulting the problem.

Many thanks in advance


PS: on Produktion I'm using SiteScope 11.24 with OA 11.14 and no problems