detect if an rtsm.view exists using opr-user for user role creation/configuration

Hi everyone,

I am using command in OBM 2020.10 to create a user role.  Is there a way to detect if the RTSM view I want to assign to this role exists or not?  It seems to execute the permissions I assign even if the view does not exist in RTSM.

/opt/HP/BSM/bin/ -lur -bn HPPM_test1_role
UserRoleId = 084be839-27da-47e3-9333-bdbbbe705c5a
Name = HPPM_test1_role
Description = [Empty]
ResourceKey = omi-user-component
OperationKey = view
ResourceKey = omi-predefined-page.performancePerspective
OperationKey = full-control
ResourceKey = pmi-designgraph-ui
OperationKey = edit
ResourceKey = omi-user-page
OperationKey = view
ResourceKey = rtsm-view.test1
OperationKey = view

The above rtsm-view.test1 ResourceKey and op was created even though view "test1" does not exist in RTSM. 

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