SiteScope Failover Problems with a Custom Monitor

Hi Experts,


SiteScope 11.24.241 64-bit JVM, Build 165, running on RHEL 6.4 with a Failover server configured.


I do not have an issue with the failover process, that happens successfully, with all monitors running successfully, except the Custom monitors (the monitors run successfully on the Primary Server).


It seems the the folder structure for the custom monitors does not get completely copied (synced) to the Failover server


From my tests, it only creates the <SiteScope Dir>/packages/workspace/packages_<packagevalue> directory and only the /lib subdirectory.  To note: on the Primary Server the directories below are created when I create a Custom Monitor under the packages_<packagevalue> directory (Permissions on all the directories are 700):
/classes - no data
/conf - no data
/lib - Monitor information
/META-INF - no data
/templates - no data

When I attempt to run the Custom Monitor on the Failover SiteScope I get this Status error:

"opt/HP/SiteScope/packages/workspace/package_<packagevalue>/classes is not a directory."


I manually created the classes directory on the Failover server and the monitor ran with no error.


Since the /classes directory did not have any data, as a test, I removed it from the primary Sitescope, ran the monitor on the primary (successfully) and then performed a sync to the failover. My idea was that if there was not a reference to the /classes directory the monitor should run successfully on the failover.  The monitor failed on the Failover, with the same error above.  I then added the /classes directory and the monitor ran successfully.

Can anyone please tell me why this monitor is failing like this?


Any advice on this is very much appreciated.