SiteScope raw historical data is not available after upgrade from BAC 6.9 to BAC 7.3

Hi All,

We have the following issue, after the upgrade of from BAC 6.9 to BAC 7.3 which was finished successfully, SiteScope raw data older than one week is not available in BAC 7.3. Checking the DB confirms it, the data is not in DB.
Also "SM_RAWDATA_MEAS" value in "Data Partitioning and Purgind" (BAC 7.3) is set to 1 week and in BAC 6.9 "SM_RAWDATA_MEAS" set to 1 week. However in BAC 6.9 all SiteScope raw historical data is available.

Following those findings and in order to import the whole SiteScope historical data from 6.9 to 7.3, the "SM_RAWDATA_MEAS" value (in BAC 7.3) need to be set to "infinite" and rerun the upgrade process.

Any other ideas?

Please adivce,


  • I would think that the purging manager was not working correctly in your 6.9 installation, and as you say, I would have thought the only option is to re-import the old database, but before running the upgrade edit the management.dbo.PM_CONFIG table 'PM_RANGE, and PM_RANGE_UNITS for the SM_RAWDATA* tables to the required retention period. Otherwise as soon as the upgrade is complete the 7.3 partitioning and purging manager will kick in, and start purging data with the old PM_RANGE settings (3 months in your case).