Monitoring vcenter 6.0 is it possible?

Hi guys,

i have an issue with vmware. i want to listen vcenter ,datastore, esx host etc. via vmware monitors. But every time i tried i failed.   error: 

Error Code: 31008.  Error Description: Error getting counters : {0}Unable to connect to vCenter. Please check the connection properties and try again. (See the error log for details.)

up till now ;

1- add vmware datastore monitor. our vmware web access https so i import the vcenter ssl cerf. to sitescope

2- i know my datastore link is right because when i tried acces datastore link via browser i can access datastores detail.

3- when i look the sitescope error.log it returns this error

.(400)Bad Request(400)Bad Request

this is my problem.

Thank you for your answer.


i find a error in vmware log files

sub=Default] UnimplementedRequestHandler: HTTP method POST not supported for URI /folder?dcPath=****** Datacenter&dsName=*******
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