Dashboard TOP VIEW does not load after upgrading from 9.13 to 9.26

Hello Expert,

We have upgraded HP BSM from 9.13 to 9.26 with the latest patch, but after starting the BSM the dashboard TOP VIEW does not load, appreciate if you can let us know what could be the problem.





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  • Hi Shiva,

    According to the support matrix, 9.26 supports Java 8 update 51.  With IP 1 for BSM 9.26 you can go up to Java 8 update 66.  So the update you are on may be too new.

    Therefore, I'd recommend uninstalling JRE 8 update 73 and installing update 51 (if you have the base version of BSM 9.26), or update 66 (if you have installed IP1 for BSM 9.26).

    However, it might not be a Java problem, so it's still worth checking the Gateway logs for errors.