Connectivity issue between Diagnostics Server & Probe

Hello Team,

I have installed Diagnostics 9.24 Server on windows machine & the Diagnostics probe 9.24 on Linux system.

This is Java probe which is installed on Orcle application server. 

Following check has been done.

--> Port connectivity from Application server ( Where java probe installed) to Diagnostics server. (2006 & 2612)

--> Application string has been updated successfully on Application server after probe installation.

--> We are not able to find probe.log file in log folder.

But We are not able to port 35000 to 35100 from Diagnostics server to Application server.

Could you please let me know the next action so we can proceed further.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi Vijay,

    The test probe only collectects the host matrics. As the name shows it is just for testing.

    Are you able to see the testprobe on the commander UI? Is so this means that the connectivity is ok. If now you need to confirm the poft connectivity. Also you can check the test probe logs inside the probe log directory.

    If you are stating the application with the instrumentation and you are not able to see the logs you can also try adding the following argument to the instrumentation:

    -Dprobe.log.dir=/<pathon where you want the logs>