SiteScope puppet agent monitoring

hi Everyone,

Is there any way to monitor Puppet agent with HP SiteScope?






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  • I think, file monitor is the best option to monitor parameters under yaml file.

    But I stuck at epoch time in last_run_summary.yaml file.

    Is there any way to capture difference between present epoch time and last_run time? Should never be more than 30 mins.





  • Can SiteScope monitor ruby script?

    Ruby script for puppet monitoring is already exist on


    Sonia B




  • Hi Sonia B,

    if you manage to execute a Ruby script out of a SiteScope script monitor, you can do it,
    so yes.

    Check out the SiteScope Monitor Reference manual:

    Monitor Reference
    Chapter 89: Script Monitor
    Running Different Types of Scripts

    You can run non-batch scripts, for example VBScript or Perl scripts, without wrapping them into a batch file.
    Note: This is supported only on Windows machines where SiteScope Server is the target of the Script

    - You can see scripts with any extensions by adding the _scriptMonitorExtensions property to the
    master.config file. For example, to see .pl, .py, or .php scripts, use the following format:;.py;.php

    - You can run script interpreters with script extensions by specifying the _scriptInterpreters property in the
    master.config file as follows: