Issue installing BPM/SLM licence in BSM 9.01


We have BSM 9.01.
We have received new licence keys HP BAC BPM Transaction Single Location SW E-LTU, product #TB124AAE and HP BAC SLM for BPM Transaction Single Location SW E-LTU, product #TB129AAE.

I go to the License Management page in BSM and add both of these licences. The BPM licence loads with no error and I see a new line indicating that we now have 12 Transaction Single Location BPMs. The SLM licence also has no errors, however the Service Level Management line in the License Management page does not update and still shows Not Applicable. When I try to add the SLM licence again, I get a warning that says Some licenses could not be added. List of errors: 20W017390002 TB129AAE: Warning: License already exists.

I then go to the BPM License tab under the Settings page in End User Management and try to change one of my existing BPM applications to use one of the new Transaction Single Location licences and I get the following error: Failed to update BPM application license type and license usage. License 'APM 360 with SLM' is not valid.

I have already contacted the HP licenceing team and they have not seen this error before and asked me to open a support call. I have been working with support for a few weeks now and I have deleted and reinstalled the licences multiple times. I have changed the contents of the licence files to remove any comments and/or quotes. I have tried using the JMX console to upload the licences as well. Everything results in the same error.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?

Any help is very much appreciated.

Andrew Pollard

Please provide assistance.