create node automatically


Is it possible to create the node automatically when there is a connection with the agent? I have an agent connection with hp OMi server, but now I have to create manually the "node" in OMi user interface.

Is it possible to create the node automatically when for example the certificate is created?




  • Is the OMi server set as the primary (or the only) manager for this agent? If so, what you are asking about is not only possible, but it's how it is supposed to work. If it doesn't work that way, it's a problem that requires troubleshooting.

  • Hi Soren,

    I have faced the same issue with my OMi10.61 

    please make sure certificated granted successfully & restart opcagt and/or OVC processes to automatically display the node in OMi user interface.





  • I dont think it is necessary to grant certificate and restart agent. for the first time when agent installtion runs opcactivate, it send its ASSD information to its manager and with this information a CI should be created. if you find this is not working then this needs to be checked with support.


  • Hello Dr,
    In OMi there are two way to add the CI.
    1) Automatically  -> 
    2) Manually -->

    To populate the CI autiomatically in OMi you need to grant the certificate for Node CI to Management Server ( OMi server).
    there are 2 way to grant the certificate 1) Automatically 2 Manually
    1) Automatically grant you need to configure under OMi by providing the IP range 

    2) manually grant :-  you need to perform the following operation
    run the followng command from Node CI  for Management CI (OMi server)