Script alert not working.

One of our SiteScope manager is not executing any script alert attached to monitors,


17:34:59 06/11/2015 alert
alert-type: Run
alert-name: LogIt-HB
alert-failed: true
alert-message: LogIt-Misc.vbs (1)
alert-monitor: SiteScope HB Check
alert-group: Heartbeat
alert-id: 200477440
alert-monitor-id: SiteScope/Heartbeat/1:463625
action-name: LogIt-HB
alert-result: 1
alert-output: 7988
ERROR: , Operation not permitted (1)
end perfex


The error message in alert log is like this, i can maually execute the script and it gives me desired output, it just doesnt work through SiteScope.


Any ideas?