Actions in RUM for MQ Data (MQGET & MQPUT)


I am trying to configure an action so i can see all the MQGET and MQPut request from any channel. I configured this using the help URL

but it isnot working for me.

I see the GET and PUT messages in sniffer traffic so RUM receiving the data but my filter not working. attached screen shot. I tried different options but didn't work and that is why you would see different setting for GET and PUT in screen shot. Please suggest how to configure it correctly. Appreciate your help. THANKS


  • Hi Susheil,

    Thus MQ protocol is a binary payload over TCP it is not actually having common name for actions (like HTTP URL for example). So, RUM is preparing a generic descriptor based on the action properties (just like a string, for example - "RUMQM.Put Message(16, MQSTR, Hello MQ)")  or preparing specific action parameters for matching (aka tokenizing. For MQ those predefined parameters are - "Channel", "Request type" and "Queue manager" ) as well as other tokenized parameters you can use or not.

    All that is made in order to differentiate and allow to define different "actions" on different Put messages, for example. I think you just might mix up with string definition. I suggest you to do the following (idea is to have inherited exact properties parsed by RUM Probe):

    1. Go to Session Analyser report >> Session Details;

    2. Select an action from clickstream;

    3. Define an action in "Action Gallery" by "Define Action" button (use generic or specific descriptor);

    I've just tried that in my lab and it is working. Please, let us know about the result.

    Best regards, Alexey