HP Diagnostics - Trended Methods not working

Hi Experts,

I've been trying to use the Trended methods for one of our applications by configuring custom instrumentation points using the Diagnostics Profiler - Configuration Section.

However, it's been more than two months and I am yet to see any of these requests displayed in the trended Methods section of HP Diagnostics, though I am able to see it in the Profiler - methods section. The problem with this is the profiler only captures these methods when it is manually run and does not persist this information.

Does the Trended methods section work in Diagnostics? What do I need to do to get it to work?


  • Answering on behalf of Sameh Hassan:

    “Did you add the layertype=trended_method to your auto_detect.points file, then restart the JVM?, can you send me the auto_detect.points file?”

  • Hi Asaf,

    I have a specific instrumentation point file created for my JVM instance. I usually do my instrumentation via the profiler.


    As you can see the methods seem to appear in the profiler but not in the Trended Methods section of Diagnostics. Am I doing something wrong?

  • can you attach the points file than contains that point you are talking about and screenshot of the method in the profiler?

  • Hi Asaf,


    I guess you must be receiving notifications by email. I have embedded screenshots of the points and the profiler in my previous post. Can you see them? 

    I have reattached as files




  • Hi Ashly,

    I did try it on my local box, am able to see entries in the trended methods, lets see here, here is my entry:

    class      = javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet
    layertype = trended_method
    method     = !(service)|(do.*)
    signature  = !.*
    ignore_cl  = com.ibm.ws.jsp.runtime.HttpJspBase,weblogic.servlet.jsp.JspBase,javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet, weblogic.servlet.JSPServlet, com.bea.netuix.servlets.manager.UIServlet, com.sap.engine.services.servlets_jsp.server.servlet.InvokerServlet, com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.jsp.servlet.JspServlet, com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.jsp.runtime.HttpJspBase, org.apache.jetspeed.portlet.Portlet, org.apache.jetspeed.portlet.PortletAdapter, com.ibm.wps.portlets.struts.WpsStrutsPortlet, com.ibm.workplace.util.portal.portlet.LwpStrutsPortlet, com.sapportals.wcm.portal.proxy.PCProxyServlet, com.sapportals.wcm.app.servlet.WcmHtmlbBaseServlet, weblogic.wsee.jaxws.JAXWSServlet, org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet
    ignore_tree = org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase
    deep_mode  = soft
    layer      = Web Tier/Servlet
    detail     = diag,tv:servlet,profile:140


    Now in your case, does the traffic that generates the method runs in the last 5 mins? ( the default time frame)?

    can you send me the detailReport.log in the log directoy, I want to see if this point is being excerised.



  • Hi Sameh,

    The difference I see in the configuration you have done is the point is configured in auto_detect.points for a standard point (like a servlet call). The one I have used is a non standard point which is not configured by default in the auto_detect.points and uses instance instrumentation.

    I assume since I can see the methods coming up in the profiler, these points are being exercised in the last 5 minutes since the profiler shows real time execution of methods and classes.

    I am having trouble attaching the file of type txt. It only allows images. Kindly change to type to txt

  • Hi

    I'm not able to the see the png file for some reason, but when you add a point using the profile it should edit the auto-detect point file, it did not in your case?


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