KPI of the parent CI doesn't take into account all children's KPIs


I'm trying to display KPIs values from metrics integrated from a BSM Connector, and I'm facing a really curious issue.

The context: I'm reading performance metrics for various computers (CPU and disk utilization %), from log files read from a BSM Connector. I've successfully set the integration (thanks to BSM connector's documentation) and I have set the Business rules, HIs and KPIs for the CIs containing the metrics, and the topology (which creates "Computer", "CPU" and "DiskDevice" CI types).

I'm using the out-of-the-box view "Systems_Infrastructure' to display the KPIs. My problem is that the KPI for the Computer CI, which should take the Worst Status of all children, seems to ignore completely the KPI for the "DiskDevice" CI (see screenshot). I really don't understand why, both "DiskDevice" and "CPU" CIs have a containment relationship with the Computer, the same HI/KPIS configuration.

I hope this is not too much confusing ^^. Any clue someone?

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